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Health Retreat From Ultimate Fitness Holiday

A health retreat should provide you with utter relaxation as well as all the tools and support necessary to purify and build up your body. With Ultimate Fitness, you will enjoy so much more than a health retreat, but a resort that specializes in fun fitness activities. ensuring your experience is tailored to your needs.

Ultimate Fitness prides itself on being the #1 fitness bootcamp by passenger volume, and its success is attributed to its dual goal of helping you relax and rejuvenate while building up your strength and improving your lifestyle habits. The goal is to give you a foundation to build on and continue at home. For your health, there is no better or more luxurious method to get in shape and improve your diet than with our Ultimate Fitness Health Retreats.

Skip Vacation: The Benefits of a Luxury Health Retreat

Most vacations will result in a tan and holiday weight, but with a health retreat, you will be able to enjoy truly luxurious locations and kickstart your new chapter in life that has you healthy, fit, and thriving.

On your health retreat, you will enjoy professional training sessions that are led by qualified staff. Enjoy a variety of exercises from yoga to strength training. Enjoy delicious meals full of healthy and energy-boosting nutrients to keep you going, beautiful accommodation options that will help you relax and rejuvenate at the end of the day, and a great atmosphere that will have you exercising and making friends in no time. We are not a military-style training bootcamp. No one will be waking you up rudely in order to exercise. Instead, you will enjoy a positive and encouraging environment where you are surrounded by like-minded people all working together to get in shape and improve their health.

Choose From 4 Stunning Resort Locations

With so many stunning locations it would be a shame not to let you head out and explore, which is why we offer excursions and off-site adventures to really round out your health retreat and let you enjoy the paradise of each of our beautiful resorts:

  1. Thailand
  2. Indonesia, Bali
  3. Mallorca, Spain
  4. Sri Lanka

Take Ultimate Fitness With You On Your Fitness Journey

Ultimate Fitness is the #1 bootcamp by passenger volume, and are the most established business in the industry. As we own and operate all of our own resorts, each one is tailor-made for our health and fitness programs, to ensure the best possible results in the most encouraging and friendly atmosphere.

The Ultimate Health Retreat

Explore what each of our stunning health retreat resorts offers below. Every location offers slightly different options to help you get healthy and happy, and choosing the right one for your goals is essential for the best results. If you have any questions then get in touch with us; we will work to create a health retreat package that will help you fulfill your health goals and enjoy a luxurious, rejuvenating vacation.

What is a health retreat?

No two health retreats are the same, and different companies focus on different areas. As our name might suggest we are primarily focused on health and fitness, so at our retreats we have included activities to complement this.

Because we operate boot camps in various different locations, there are differences between the camps and inclusions and activities. While some may focus more on nutrition and fitness, others are softer active fitness holidays, incorporating health retreat-style activities such as yoga.

No matter which retreats you book, you can expect a focus on wellness, a super motivating supportive atmosphere plus highly qualified fitness trainers, and members of staff who are there to help boost your health and fitness.

How much does a health retreat cost?

This is a very subjective question. Because it very much depends on your inclusions and accommodation class, but we certainly have retreats for all budgets. Usually, we offer shared accommodation, although we do have private ensuite accommodation and luxury resort options as well. Even up to having your own private villa in Bali.

The most cost-effective option we offer is the training only option in Spain, from as little as €289, ranging to 12 weeks deluxe option in Thailand costing closer to €5000. It really depends on how long you will attend the health retreat, what your goals are what you would like to achieve and what level of accommodation you opt for.

How far ahead should I book a health retreat?

Ultimate fitness offers a low deposit of only €200, and often we have early bird deals where you can save up to 10%. To qualify for this you would need to book more than 16 weeks ahead, which you can do so with a low deposit. You only then need to pay your full balance 12 weeks prior to departure. So the smart move is to book early because it will save you money. Although we do have people who do prefer to book last minute, in peak season this is not recommended as generally, we do sell out.

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