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Fitness Retreat from Ultimate Fitness Holiday

We are proud to be the number one fitness retreat operator. No other fitness Bootcamp company runs its own programs in its own resorts in multiple countries with rolling start dates every week all year.

This means our camps can guarantee you not only amazing results from our inspirational trainers. It also means you are guaranteed to meet and bond with like-minded people during your fitness journey.

Ultimate Fitness invite you to enjoy a fitness retreat unlike anything you have experienced before. As pioneers of the fitness retreat industry, we have worked on and improved the strategy and range of fitness options offered at all of our bootcamp locations to ensure you get fit, fast. We are one of the most established companies in the market, and as we maintain and own our facilities, we can offer an exceptional experience for those who wish to use their vacation time to enjoy a luxurious retreat and return home healthier and happier than ever before.

With six great locations to choose from, and each location offering its own unique specialty, there is a retreat for everyone. Starting dates are dispersed throughout the year as well, so you can enjoy the Ultimate Fitness Retreat whenever you can get time off.



Choose From 4 Stunning Locations

You will enjoy paradise when you stay at any of our resort locations:

  1. Spain (November to May - Winter Edition) 
  2. Spain May to September Summer Edition) - See camp details
  3. Thailand - See camp details 
  4. Indonesia (Bali) - See camp details
  5. Sri Lanka - See camp details

From the moment we pick you up from the airport to the day you leave, you will be in our care and able to enjoy all the amenities our stunning resorts offer. Adventure out of the resort and enjoy more of what each location holds, and make friends every step of the way.

What Can You Expect from Your Fitness Retreat?

You can expect a paradise retreat with stunning accommodation options and an all-service experience. We work with you to get your body to the healthiest it has ever been, with specially catered diets designed by nutritionists to boost your body with natural energy, to a variety of exercises meant to help you have fun and feel exhilarated.

From strength training to yoga, you will have plenty of options when it comes to designing and choosing the package and add-ons for your fitness retreat. If you need more help with putting together the perfect fitness retreat, just get in touch with us.

Our resorts offer so much more than just a place to get healthy. You will want to choose excursions and adventures away from the resort, as well as book fun activities such as kiting. It’s a place to enjoy new experiences with a healthy, rejuvenated body.

Take Ultimate Fitness With You On Your Fitness Journey

Ultimate Fitness is the leader in the fitness resort industry, and #1 by passenger volume. We know exactly what it takes to create a fitness retreat that is both rewarding and relaxing, and with over 10,000 meters of fitness space spread out over all of our locations, you can be rest assured that you will get the best facilities.

The Ultimate Fitness Retreat

Get in touch with us today and we will go through your options. Our goal is to ensure that you get the experience you want out of your fitness retreat, which means choosing the right bootcamp location, the right packages, and the right additions to ensure that your health reaches the goals you have set out for yourself.


What is the difference between an Ultimate Fitness Retreat and other retreats that you might find online?

  • You get more for your money meaning you can stay longer and achieve more.

  • Our retreat locations are some of the best in the world.

  • It's an enjoyable experience, not a punishing fitness regime.

  • You will meet like-minded people all joining the fitness retreat with the same goals meaning it's a very supportive environment and you are pretty much guaranteed to make new lifelong friends.

  • We are the only fitness retreat company that offers rolling start dates 365 days a year, in three different locations. We are one of the only companies that can do this because we price our programs sensibly, for normal people, and dare we say it our offering is that good we get enough volume of people to offer a quality program for a price that is great value.

  • A further on the point above, a couple of our fitness retreats are 100% beachfront (Our retreats in Majorca, and Sri Lanka) yet cost as little as €899 for a week.
    Other companies focus on your fitness, will give you accommodation and meals. Typically with Ultimate Fitness you get all of that, plus activities and excursions that would put a tour operator to shame. With us it is much more about getting fit in a beautiful location and experiencing the best the country has to offer and that's why we called Ultimate Fitness Holiday!

  • Because of what we do, we tend to attract like-minded people, mainly aged between 25 and 45, but not exclusively, but it does mean that our fitness retreats you will have a lot in common with our other participants. That means new friendships, which is great because the fun is best shared.

  • We are proud to say that we get very good reviews, and a lot of repeat bookers because we have different fitness retreats in different locations. It's not uncommon for groups to come back to Bali after spending a week in Spain because they've made lifelong friends with other members of the group. When booking Ultimate Fitness Holiday, you are truly joining a community that supportive, inclusive, fun and encouraging.




The short answer is it's more fun at  an Ultimate Fitness Retreat... largely better value and rewarding as well. We don't lock you up in a fitness centre in a well populated area in a western environment, or beast you and other clients in a gym.

We take you to paradise locations so you can have a holiday and feel amazing at the same time.

Fitness retreats in paradise locations make the hard work of training a breeze.

Because we operate our fitness retreats in beautiful paradise locations we combine everything you need to reach your fitness goals, and improve your well-being with the pure freedom fun and exhilaration of travel, discovery and companionship.

While it's not uncommon to find fitness retreats offering breaks of one week for up to $3000 US (more sometimes), seriously who has that kind of money? And if they did, what are you going to achieve in a week that is worth $3000? Now some people want a massive transformation, a complete lifestyle change, or a huge drop in weight, and are prepared to spend more than US$3000, but in that case make it count. With an Ultimate Fitness Retreat, you can go to one of our resort in Sri Lanka, Thailand or Bali and spent several months training every day, living in paradise with the help and support of our team. You don't have to be a genius to realise what's going to be more effective.

Because we operate our programs in countries like Thailand, Bali and Sri Lanka, we are able to include more on our packages meaning you get more out of the experience. Yes, you have to be prepared to buy a flight, but you will have change left over due to how well priced our programs are.

No matter what reason you have to attend the fitness retreat, you will find there are thousands of offerings for Bootcamps, fitness breaks and wellness centres all over the world all vying for your attention. Us included! Take a look at many of these providers and you will see photos of people getting sweaty, working out in gyms or private villas, more often than not having the best time of it. Not with us. You are going to have an amazing experience. It's going to be a positive experience on your life happiness and well-being.

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