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Thailand Personal Trainer

Become a PT and start your career in one of the most rewarding and fun industries! This your route to starting your career as a Personal Trainer with our accredited course set in our Paradise Training Camp.

Luxurious Resort & Onsite Training
Expert Trainers & Supportive Environment
Inclusive of 14 Day Stay In Phuket
We Include 7 Specialities.
Gain 26 Credits On The Course
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Become A Personal Trainer In Paradise.

Are you ready to kickstart your journey towards becoming a world-class personal trainer? Look no further than the Ultimate Fitness Personal Trainer Academy!

Our comprehensive course not only equips you with qualifications recognized by ICREPs and EREPS but also opens up a world of opportunities for you to live and work abroad as a sought-after personal trainer. Imagine honing your skills against the backdrop of stunning locales like Thailand, Bali, and Spain through our exclusive Ultimate Fitness Internship program.

By joining our academy, you'll gain invaluable industry expertise, hands-on experience, and personalized mentorship from seasoned professionals.

Elevate your career, explore the globe, and make a lasting impact on the lives of others—all while pursuing your passion for fitness. Don't just dream about it, make it a reality with the Ultimate Fitness Personal Trainer Academy!


Look forward to

  • Global Opportunities: Becoming a professional personal trainer abroad opens doors to a diverse range of opportunities in various countries and cultures, allowing you to expand your horizons and experience new adventures.
  • Live and Earn In Paradise.  Imagine waking up to picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, or vibrant cityscapes as your workplace. Working abroad as a personal trainer offers the opportunity to explore exotic locations and enjoy an unparalleled work-life balance.
  • Personal trainers can earn between €20,000 to €70,000 euros annually. Showcasing an industry with boundless potential for success for those dedicated to putting in the hard work.
  • Previous alumni of the Personal Trainer Academy have embarked on exciting journeys, living and working abroad at our exclusive camps located in captivating destinations such as Spain, Bali, Thailand, and Sri Lanka. This unparalleled opportunity is a testament to the distinctive experience offered by Ultimate Fitness.


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Ready to become your best self?

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The Personal Trainer Course Details

Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp Training

The education at the school in Phuket is a collaboration between FAE/NFE and Ultimate Fitness.

FAE College is an active college based in Malta accredited by Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, CIMSPA, EREPs and ICREPs.

Nordic Fitness Education is a vocational education institution based in Finland, accredited by Europe Active /EREPs and ICREPs, NASM international partner and the first European organization to receive its accreditation to deliver fully online PT qualifications.

You will be registered as a student at both schools FAE College and Nordic Fitness Education, and will receive 26 credits through FAE College.

The learning model is designed for effective learning in a way that ensures that every student has all resources available at all times.

As an FAE/NFE student, you have all theoretical lessons and lectures available at your convenience, and each subject is supported by Virtual and face-to-face classroom teaching and practical teaching sessions by FAE/NFE teachers in Phuket.

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The integration of thorough theory with extensive practical teaching is one of the great advantages of this study. It means that you as a student will gain solid competence whether you want to go straight to work as a personal trainer or wish to continue as a Fitness Professional in another field such as Weight Management or Exercise Referral.

The exam in Phuket: Before returning home.

Note that in the autumn semester, the education is carried out as a school or online course in anatomy and physiology, combined with practical teaching in exercise theory.

What You Learn & When:

Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition Theory and Health and Safety in Fitness Environment are Online.

Fitness Instructing, Testing, program design, and Exercise instruction are face-to-face in Thailand.

A practical exam in fitness instruction and personal training is carried out in Phuket towards the end of the stay.

The examination in anatomy and physiology, Nutrition and Health and safety in the fitness environment is carried out as a multiple-choice examination in Phuket.

As a student enrolled in our FAE/NFE program, we prioritize your professional development. Throughout your academic journey with us, you will undergo a comprehensive range of internationally recognized Continuing
Professional Development (CPD) courses tailored to elevate your skills as an internationally certified Personal Trainer.

These courses include Strength Training, Functional Training, Circuit Training, HIIT Training, Outdoor Training, Bootcamps, Sleep Recovery and more.

Additionally, all CPD assessments will be conducted online through multiple-choice question formats, ensuring
convenience and accessibility.

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Why Phuket?

This is why we have chosen Phuket as our base in Thailand.

Easy Flight Connections: Say goodbye to long layovers! Phuket has excellent flight connections, making it super convenient for fitness enthusiasts from all around the globe to join us. 

Open Year-Round: Our bootcamp in Phuket operates all year round, so you can plan your fitness retreat whenever it suits you best. Whether it's summer, fall, winter, or spring, we've got you covered!

Cultural Delights: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Thai culture while working on your fitness goals. Phuket offers a fantastic mix of traditional Thai experiences alongside modern Western facilities. From exploring ancient temples to indulging in Thai cuisine, your fitness journey will be enriched with unforgettable cultural encounters.

Fantastic Facilities: We believe in providing the best for our fitness enthusiasts. Our bootcamp in Phuket is equipped with top-notch Western facilities, ensuring you have everything you need for an incredible fitness experience. From our Exclusive Ultimate Fitness Gym to luxurious accommodations, it is all in one spot!


Amazing Location

You can experience great beaches, temples, night markets, superb shopping, and our amazing boot camp!

Nestled away from the temptation of nightlife, our camp is perfectly situated in the serene south-central part of Phuket, in the charming area of Chalong.

Surrounded by the mesmerizing presence of Wat Chalong and overlooked by the majestic Big Buddha, our location sets us apart as one of the few all-inclusive fitness resorts offering top-notch 4-star amenities.

Excursions Included

Phuket is home to beautiful beaches, and beach clubs, and you will have the opportunity to join us on excursions, whether it's taking advantage of the infinity pools or superb lunches at the beach clubs at the weekends. The experience is well worth the added expense. 

Boutique accommodation Thailand Fitness Bootcamp (2)


For the duration of your stay, you will be staying right next to the Ultimate Fitness Training area, in an environment very much focused on training, recovery, and eating well.

While we are perfectly placed to escape temptation and do not encourage a drinking culture, should you want a night away to blow off steam there is plenty of good nightlife in and around Phuket Town, just 20 minutes by taxi.

Awesome Accommodation Coupled with Great Training That Delivers Results!

You will stay in superior accommodation,  in a luxurious 4-star resort with an exclusive UF Training Centre.

It's all about finding that perfect balance between pushing your limits and giving yourself the care and relaxation you deserve on your fitness journey.

That's exactly what you get with our luxury boutique accommodation available.

With private ensuites, set in landscaped Thai gardens, and access to multiple swimming pools, spas, and massage facilities it's perfect to unwind relax, and recover ready for the next training session.

So, while you'll be challenging yourself physically, you'll also have the opportunity to indulge in some well-deserved pampering.

Use the Right Arrow below to discover more on Training Facilities, Room Options & Flight Information.

Resort Facilities

UF is proud to operate our fitness training facility right in our luxurious resort. Roll out of bed straight into training, finish training and head to chill directly in one of the 3 amazing pools, 15 metres from the gym. Hit up the ice bath or grab a massage. You may never want to leave!

It’s the little details that make a big difference, the small attention to detail, premium ceramic flooring, Balinese stone in the pool, koi, carp fish, pond, and beautifully designed garden with tropical plants, mango trees, coconut palms, and banana leaves. It all adds up to combine to heightened sense of relaxation, peace, and quality downtime.

Experience a wide range of luxurious facilities at our fitness center with an outdoor training centre and an indoor weights room.

You can expect:

* 3 pools with lovely sun loungers. One saltwater pool (fewer chemicals and better for your dermatologically), one lap pòol to do lengths in, and one huge, spacious chill-out pool. (We offer a pool towel service if needed).

* To relax your tired muscles, you can book a rejuvenating massage in our onsite massage facilities, any day between 9 am and 7 pm.

* Ice therapy? Enjoy unlimited access to our ice baths to aid in recovery. Costs are only for the Ice, which is about 1 euro per bath, chargeable to your room.

* On-site Herbal steam room available.

* Need to work? We have you covered with an air-conditioned conference room, complete with high-speed internet.

* At our tour desk, you can rent a motorbike or car, or book a taxi and tours and activities.

* An onsite Bar and restaurant. Thirsty or hungry? A cool mango shake from our juice bar and protein shake bar.

* Satisfy your taste buds with our restaurant serving a healthy and lean menu, along with delectable local Thai dishes.



Training Facilities

The first thing to mention is that no two days will be the same. Also depending on your own personal fitness goals timetables can vary depending on the fitness programmes you select.

We are very proud of our roster of fitness trainers. We boast some of the top fitness trainers in the industry. Whether you are not fit in the slightest and looking to improve your fitness or are a professional athlete, our trainers can give you the push you need.

One thing we should mention is we are not a huge gym with walk-ins where it is all about cramming as many people in as possible. At UF we run smaller groups of up to 20, meaning more personalised training and attention from our trainers.


Room Options

At the resort, we offer 2 room classes at the same resort.

The  "Single Boutique Room" and the "Single Value Room". 

The Boutique Room option is 27 sqm.

The Value Room option is 22 sqm.

Amenities in te rooms are Air conditioning, ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet, wardrobe space, fridge, cable TV with international programs, Wireless Internet Access, safety deposit box, tea and coffee making facilities, a desk, and a seating area.

Should you wish to have a family room, we can give you a quote for a bigger room or double communicating rooms. Please contact us for details.

Travelling Alone

Most people who attend the camp, are independent travellers and arrive at the camp on their own. If you are concerned about travelling solo, don't be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a supportive environment where everyone gets to know each other very quickly. Serious physical exercise in a group can be quite a bonding experience, we assure you! So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another.

Travel With Friends or your partner

You can share a room and the prices are a bit lower than. 

Family Packages

Are available please speak to us about your options.



Flights are not included but are reasonable from most major international destinations. You will need to fly into Phuket International Airport.

If you send in your flight details a min of 4 days before, we will arrange the free airport pick up for you. Return airport transfers are not included but can be arranged locally.

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Depending on how long you want to join and what you want to achieve we have difference package options for you.


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2 Weeks
Most popular Twin Share - Luxury Resort
4 Weeks Study + Internship
Most popular Twin Share - Luxury Resort

Included in your PT Course

TrainingIconSVG Training Only

CheckCircle Copy 2SVG If you would like to book only the course with out the accommodation please contact us for pricing

TrainingIconSVG plusSVG AccomodationIconSVG Training + Accommodation

CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Pre Study Materials
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Introduction orientation session
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG UF Team members to host you during your stay.
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Luxurious Accommodation
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Airport pick up from Phuket
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Unlimited access to Gym and training equipment
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Excursions both social and fitness related (weather dependent)
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Ice Bath and Steam Room (Add costs)
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Car & Bike Rental Service & Tour Desk
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 10 Day Academic Course Delivered in English
Not included
times-circleSVG Flights
times-circleSVG Meals
times-circleSVG Optional excursions
times-circleSVG Taxi back to the airport
times-circleSVG ACE or EREPS Exam Fee

Book With Confidence

CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 3 incredible PT Academy Locations
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Unrivalled support with academic journey
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Great value with options for industry experience
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 2 - 4 Week Placements Available

Book with confidence

Become a Personal Trainer In Thailand!

Train as a personal trainer in Thailand! With access to training facilities right next to the campus and a consistently high academic quality, we help you reach your goal with your studies. Here you can develop your athletic skills in an inspiring environment, while at the same time acquiring sports-related expertise.

The industry´s best PTs as lecturers
Accommodation and the course included
26 credits and international certification


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