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Sri Lanka (Kalpitiya)

Currently Not Accepting Bookings

Tropical beach paradise
Mixed impact classes
Dolphin excursion
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While visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Our prime beachfront location, in one of the most untouched and beautiful parts of Sri Lanka. Training, combined with beachside living will make this an unforgettable experience!

There's no better backdrop to your fitness holiday. 



Look forward to

  • A new lease of life improved fitness and new friends in paradise.
  • Mixed impact classes give you a total body transformation rapidly.
  • Motivation guaranteed! Train with fun, like-minded people and professional trainers!
  • Great nutrition with healthy food and energy-boosting menu.
  • Gorgeous beachside resort stay.
  • Find a new addiction! Option to add on kite lessons as this is a fantastic place to learn to kite.
  • Trips to lagoons and beaches.
  • Dedicated trainers available will deliver you the body you deserve.
  • Super easy arrival. Assisted transfer from Negombo near the airport, to resort.
The Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp in Sri Lanka is located by a virgin beach, surrounded by mangroves and palm trees.
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Class of 2022

UF Bootcamp Schedule

07:30 - 08:00
08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:00
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 16:00
16:00 - 17:00
17:00 - 18:00
19:00 - 20:00

NOTE: Suggested schedule times and classes can change per week. Year round start dates, arrival every Sunday.

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Why Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lanka Bootcamp is an incredible opportunity open to men and women of all ages and levels of fitness. Staying right by the beach you have the opportunity to train every day, seizing control of your fitness and wellbeing in a very motivating environment.

You will stay in a beautiful unspoiled hidden tropical paradise beachside location, giving yourself some much-deserved me-time. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time training and meeting new people in a tropical paradise.

Allow yourself to forget modern times, and be just happy, working on yourself, your fitness, your well being and meet new people from all over the world.

A short stroll from the beachfront accommodation you find stunning lakes and the sea to do stand up paddle and even kite surf if you like to give that a try.



Fitness Bootcamp is not all about working out however, it’s important to stress the fun social atmosphere you get with these types of camps. The majority of people do tend to come alone, which makes them a great place to meet people.

Everyone is in the same boat, it’s a super supportive atmosphere and very conducive to reaching your fitness goals, without feeling like it’s hard work.

There are plenty of other activities on offer as well. Cool off in the Indian Ocean after a sweaty morning session and take time to relax and unwind or, if you still have lots of energy, join us for some stand up paddle, kayak or volleyball sessions.

We also have bootcamps at other destinations:
Spain Bali Thailand

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The training schedule takes place at our own resort two sessions per day 5 days a week.

Whether you are looking for a weight loss camp or looking to gain muscle or just a general fitness boost, this is the camp for you.

We run our Body 360 sessions, kettlebell and dumbbell workouts, Strength and conditioning and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and cross-training (similar to Crossfit style) workouts at our own facility.

You also have access to train in our outdoor gym between classes and use the equipment throughout the day.


Think of a super chilled beach-side community the way it should be! Our resort is exclusive to Ultimate Fitness clients, which really provides a community feeling and makes for a super bonding environment.

Located next to the Kitesurf lagoon, near the beach with private pool it is a piece of paradise.

We have maximized the use of sustainable materials in the resort and feel it complements the paradise feel perfect. It’s not built up or overdeveloped, just beautiful.

The beach bungalow offers twin-share en-suite accommodation in our beautiful beachside bungalows. These rooms with 2 separate comfy beds.

Note we do not have air conditioning in resort, rooms are fan-cooled plus we are by the ocean giving a nice sea breeze. 

Our resort while stunning is not high-end luxury, so please take this into consideration if expecting a luxury retreat experience.


Flights are not included, you will need to fly into Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka.

Travelling Alone

Most people who attend the camp, are independent travellers and arrive at the camp on their own. If you are concerned about travelling solo, don't be. There is such a social atmosphere at the camp, and it is a really supportive environment that everyone gets to know each other very quickly. Serious physical exercise in a group can be quite a bonding experience we assure you! So really it does not take long for people to get to know one another.

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1 Week
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Single Room
2 Weeks
Most popular Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
Single Room. Ensuite
3 Weeks
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
4 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Most popular Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
5 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
6 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Most popular Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
7 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
8 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
9 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
10 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
11 Weeks
Single Room. Ensuite
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share
12 Weeks
Budget Option, No Ensuite - Single Room
Beach Bungalow, Ensuite - Twin Share

Included in your packages

TrainingIconSVG Training Only

CheckCircle Copy 2SVG This option is only available with our Spain Bootcamp

TrainingIconSVG plusSVG AccomodationIconSVG Training + Accommodation

CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Pre departure information
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Organised transfer to Bootcamp location from Negombo Gateway Hotel, 20000 LKR supplement each way
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG All group fitness training sessions 2x per day
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Beach training
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Unlimited SUP sessions
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Weekly excursion
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Beach volleyball
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Accommodation based on twin share or single room fan room.
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 7x Breakfasts (Monday to Sunday)
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 7x Lunches (Monday to Sunday)
*except on travel day
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 7x Dinners (Monday to Sunday)
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Free Wi-Fi
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Brand new abs on departure!
Not included
times-circleSVG Flights
times-circleSVG PCR tests (approx €30 per test)
times-circleSVG Visa costs
times-circleSVG Travel insurance
times-circleSVG Private transfers (available from 18,000 LKR One Way)
times-circleSVG Extra drinks
times-circleSVG Optional Excursions
times-circleSVG Dolphin excursion marine park fees $7

Book With Confidence

CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 4 incredible Bootcamp locations
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Unrivalled support with your fitness journey
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Great value
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG 1-12 week options
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG Bootcamps that fit all budgets
CheckCircle Copy 2SVG From beginners to advance levels of fitness and all ages

Book with confidence

Flexible Bookings from The Leading Fitness Bootcamp Co.

Get fit with the full support of our personal trainers, meet other like-minded people and explore the dreamy locations with new friends. Our trips can genuinely change your outlook both physically and mentally. 

All our bookings come with a date change guarantee so you can book with confidence should you not be able to travel.

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